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The Department of Firearm Control of the National Police Board of Finland has made a new definition of policy: all folding knives are now considered stilettoes. Actual stilettoes along with throwing stars, brass knuckles, tasers, batons, etc, have been prohibited since 1.10.2003 by the Finnish Public Order Act; concerning manufacturing, importing, retailing and/or possessing any of these objects in public areas even if stored in a vehicle.

Because the National Police Board of Finland (NPBF) has now made a most radical new statement which is in contradiction with the Public Order Act, it's our duty to inform all of our customers and all the others dealing with these normal folding knives. Reima Pensala, the chief inspector of the Department of Firearm Control of the NPBF has now stated that all folding knives (model and/or brand doesn't matter) which can be opened with one hand and include a pocket clip are now unambiguously stilettos. The mechanism of opening (with/without assisted opening) of the blade does not matter to chief inspector Pensala, but for his new definition of a stiletto it is quite enough that you can open the blade with one hand, and the knife has a pocket clip. In this "former" Public Order Act the definition of a stiletto was that the blade could be completely hidden inside the handle, potentially making it difficult to identify as an edged weapon. In normal folding knives the back of the knife is visible from between the handles from any angle. This fact does not matter at all to chief inspector Pensala. So the new statement of NPBF's Department of Firearms says that a simple folding knife with a pocket clip can be easily hidden in sleeves, pockets, boots, in clothing in common for illegal purposes, so the visibility of the blade doesn't actually matter, therefore they are classified as stilettoes. Because of this all, we are now suspected of violating the Public Order Act for importing and retailing folding knives. The district attorney of the District Court of Itä-Uusimaa has not decided yet whether to press charges against our company based on the new statement of the NPBF's chief inspector Reima Pensala. It also seems the Department of Firearm Control of the National Police Board of Finland has not deemed it necessary to inform the whole society about this new definition of policy of the Public Order Act, although it has a huge impact for law enforcement in Finland. According to our current information, it seems once again this new policy of the NPBF apparently applies only to Terä-Asekeskus.

Nevertheless, we will continue selling these folding knives normally for now.

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